NXP CTO谈:疫情期公司没人在办公室上班,怎么管理?(双语音频)

NXP CTO谈:疫情期公司没人在办公室上班,怎么管理?(双语音频)


As of 2019, I had had it up to here with trend stories about telecommuting. “It’s the next big thing for big business!” Until it wasn’t. Or, “It was great for small and medium-sized businesses!” But it didn’t seem to be. Or, “Here’s a company that tried it and why it didn’t work!” When it was clearly working for some companies. It was all tedious and tiresome because it really was not that big of a deal.x5Wesmc

2019年前,我一直在讲有关远程办公的趋势。 “这是大型企业的下一件大事!” 直到不是那样。或者,“这对中小企业来说很棒!” 但这似乎并非如此。或者,“这是一家尝试过远程办公的公司,为什么它不起作用!”当它对某些公司明显有效时。 这一切都是乏味而又累人的,因为这实际上没什么大不了的。x5Wesmc

And then the pandemic hit, and a few short months later, telecommuting now is our way of life, all around the globe.x5Wesmc


But that doesn’t mean everyone has overcome all the challenges, nor figured out how much of telecommuting is permanent and how much is temporary.x5Wesmc


We know NXP’s Lars Reger has been thinking about it because we interviewed him in the first half of 2020, and it was already on his mind then. Recently, my colleague Junko Yoshida called him up again to find out what he’s learned about managing a company when hardly anybody comes into the office anymore.x5Wesmc

我们知道恩智浦Lars Reger一直在考虑这一问题,因为我们曾在2020年上半年采访了他,那时这已经在他的脑海中。最近,我的同事Junko Yoshida再次打电话给他,了解他在几乎没有人去办公室上班的情况下,如何管理公司。x5Wesmc

JUNKO YOSHIDA: You can’t start any conversation these days with any executives about how you’re dealing with the pandemic. Right? I want to distill the message to the point that there are a lot of things I think you have changed in the way you do business and what do you see as certain things you think are going to stick? In other words, that you have never tried this before. If you tried it, it worked well, what are the things that you’re going to stick to it?x5Wesmc

JUNKO YOSHIDA:这些天,您无法与任何高管就您如何应对疫情展开任何对话。 对吗? 我想传达的信息是,我认为您管理业务的方式已经发生了很多变化,您认为某些事情会持续下去,您会怎么看?换句话说,您之前从未尝试过。如果您尝试过发现它能很好地运行,那么您要坚持做哪些事情?x5Wesmc

LARS REGER: I could talk for an hour. For the first time, I’m in a home office. The fear was of course maybe dropping big time in productivity and performance. The opposite was the case.x5Wesmc

LARS REGER:我能聊上一个小时。我是第一次在家办公。当然担心可能会大大降低工作效率。然而时间情况恰恰相反。x5Wesmc

Very much to our surprise and excitement, all people started taking out chips from living rooms in India, the US and Germany. And we had funny pictures where Dad was sitting here in front of… and the kids were painting pictures in the living room. So we thought we were dropping in productivity. We did not, because no one was commuting to work, no one was traveling, so even guys like Lars, always on the plane, are constantly reachable.x5Wesmc


That was a great learning that we had.x5Wesmc


Now the downside that we see is we see still in our surveys that people are reporting now over about a year that they are challenged by work/life balance issues. So it is a mistake to assume that because Lars doesn’t have to travel anymore, Lars is less worn out. Because I needed to develop my own hygienics. Fortunately, my wife is a general practitioner. She’s going to work to do vaccinations at the moment every day.x5Wesmc


JUNKO YOSHIDA: Of course.x5Wesmc

LARS REGER: Every morning, 7:30, she’s leaving the house. And what I did is, every morning at 7:45 I was in my running shoes for a run. We talked about it the last time. I told you, right? So I slimmed seven kilos over the last year and have run 2,000 kilometers. It was my daily routine. And then I got stuck in front of my machine here for 10 hours. Later in the evening, it was always open-ended. I never would have gotten on the treadmill in the evening. Forget it. So I have my own daily start of the day mental hygienics.x5Wesmc

LARS REGER:每天早上7:30,她都要离开家。我则每天早晨7:45穿着跑鞋跑步。上次我们聊的时候我告诉过你的。因此,去年我瘦了7公斤,跑了2,000公里。这已经是我的日常习惯。然后我在电脑前呆10个小时。到了晚上后就随意了。晚上我永远不会上跑步机。 忘了它。因此,我每天心理健康的开始自己的日常工作。x5Wesmc

You said you were walking every morning as well. A long distance, I remember.x5Wesmc



LARS REGER: And some of our guys didn’t do that. And then what happens is the following: You get up in the morning and say, “I just want to read the news.” You get stuck in front of your email. Breakfast, lunch, dinner in front of your PC. Back to back. The next morning, you wake up with the same problems again that you had carried to bed. And you’re completely worn out in a short period of time. We didn’t have that in the past because, Junko comes in and says, “Hey, Lars, let’s go for a coffee,” or “Hey, let’s meet at the canteen.” Of course your kids are going to school. You have these spaces in your day that you’re just moving your body from A to B.x5Wesmc

LARS REGER:我们的一些人没有那样做 然后发生了以下情况:您早上起床说:“我只想阅读新闻。”然后您被困在电子邮件里,对着电脑吃早餐,午餐,晚餐。一件事接一件事的。第二天早晨,您再次醒来,重复前日程序后又上床睡觉。这样您在短时间内就完全疲惫了。x5Wesmc

过去在公司上班我们没有这种情况,因为Junko会进来说,“嘿,Lars,我们去喝杯咖啡,”或“嘿,让我们在食堂见面。” 当然,您的孩子要上学了。您一天中就在这点空间内,只是将身体从A移到B。x5Wesmc

This is what is very, very different now. So we have to develop different daily routines. But overall, the five things that we learned are: We should focus more on working anywhere and working anytime. This is not necessarily compliant with the Workers’ Council regulations, right? So as a German, I have to be very careful with what I’m saying.x5Wesmc


But a lot of your younger population especially, kids are enormously attracted by companies who say, Junko, you don’t have to be in the Bay Area. With obscene house prices in the cities, renting a flat with two kids, and they are peeling off the wallpaper while you are working.x5Wesmc


No. They go countryside, but work anytime, anywhere, and still be part of the company and be productive. Enormously important.x5Wesmc


The third thing I’ve learned is that some companies here are talking about digital by default. So when Junko and Lars meet, Junko and Lars are in the same company. The meeting is digital by default. And Lars, give me a very good reason why you should hop on a plane now to visit Junko in Paris for a one-day workshop and fly back again. Let’s not do that. Let’s take that money (a smart idea) and move that money into employee training or upgrading of home offices. Or I can give you a voucher for your digital bandwidth and so on.x5Wesmc


Then what we need to learn is, some of the companies are, Junko, you’re coming in at 9 and you’re leaving at 5. And if you’re leaving at 4, you have a problem because you didn’t fulfill your working hours. Of course I have to manage that differently, and I have to say, “Junko, I’ll give you a target,” and for me it was not disruptive because I couldn’t anyhow manage 1,500 people by saying, “I stand behind you and I watch what you’re doing.”x5Wesmc

我们需要学习的是绩效管理。有些公司是:Junko,你 9 点进来, 5 点离开。如果你4点离开,你会有问题,因为你没有完成你的工作时间。x5Wesmc


But I give you a target, and I don’t care where and when and how you achieve that, as long as I get the answer back in time. I had this as a very successful model. Having a little kid at home and said she can only work 30 hours a week. Is it a problem for you if you get the slides for your next keynote tomorrow morning at 5AM, but tonight the little one is ill and I have to take care of him. And I can only work on it after he’s asleep. No problem at all! I mean, give me the stuff, and I don’t care when and how you achieve it.x5Wesmc

但我给你一个目标,我不在乎你何时何地以及如何实现这个目标,只要我及时得到结果。我把这个作为一个非常成功的模型。如果家里有小孩的员工说她每周只能工作30个小时。如果晚上自己的小孩子生病了必须要照顾,只能在他睡着之后才能处理工作,但次日早上 5 点提交了下一个主题演讲的PPT,这有问题吗?我。没问题!x5Wesmc


In other words, I have to manage my goals, and I as a manager have to make that mental move.x5Wesmc


The last idea is, of course I have to be trained for the home office. My first business trip last year when we started the lock downs that I did not do was to a European car weigh in, and I had to cancel it. They insisted, initially, that I had to travel there because it was the right level of respect. The supplier comes to the customer. What was underneath that was, they had no clue how to efficiently do video conferences. In the meantime, we all know how to do that. And suddenly everyone says, “Hey, Lars, you know what? We have to dial in three or four different people from three or four different sites. You should probably do the same. Can you please set up a video call?” So getting digitally literate, I would say, is number five.x5Wesmc

最后一个想法是,我当然必须接受在家办公的培训。我去年第一次出差时,我们开始Lock down,我有个欧洲汽车会议不得不取消。他们最初坚持说,我必须去那里旅行,因为这是正确的尊重。供应商来见客户么。但事实上,是因为他们不知道如何有效地做视频会议。同时,我们都知道怎么做。突然大家都说:"嘿,Lars,你知道吗?我们有三四个与会者必须从三个或四个不同的地点拨入。你们也许也应该这样做。你能安排一个视频通话吗?因此,我想说,获得数字素养是我学到的第五个戒律。x5Wesmc

Those are the five commandments that might stay and that will make Greta Thunberg become my friend because I’m saving loads of carbon dioxide. You mentioned that the normal business traveler is pumping out tons of carbon dioxide every year doing trans-Atlantic or intercontinental trips.x5Wesmc

这些是可能留下来的五条戒律, 这会使Greta Thunberg成为我的朋友,因为我正在节省大量的二氧化碳。你提到,正常的商务旅行者为了跨大西洋或洲际旅行,每年都会制造大量的二氧化碳。x5Wesmc

By the way, my efficiency increases big time. And the question is, What is the purpose of megacities in the future? One of my ladies asked me, Can you please elaborate on how that are megacities? And I said, What do you exactly mean? And she said, Just imagine: Everyone is in the countryside because you can work everywhere and every time. Many people want to be in the megacities to be closer to the opera or to a cafe. But shopping is an online experience in the meantime. People are living in the countryside. The quality of life is higher in the countryside. Why should I pay obscene prices just to be closer to an office that I don’t need anymore?x5Wesmc

顺便说一下,我的效率节省了很大的时间。问题是,特大城市的未来存在的目的是什么?一位女士问我,你能详细说明一下特大城市会怎么样吗?我说,你到底是什么意思?她说: 试想一下:每个人都在农村,因为你可以到处工作。许多人希望住在大城市,更接近歌剧或咖啡馆。但购物是一种在线体验。人们生活在农村。农村的生活质量较高。为什么我应该支付离谱的价格,只是为了更接近一个办公室——未来不再需要的办公室?x5Wesmc

The thing that we cannot achieve, Junko, is these types of things like at CES we can see many customers in four days. The anniversary of your classmates, these types of things. You know each other, but you want to update and say, Hey, Junko! Which company are you now with? So we started brainstorming over a good glass of wine. Maybe even travel more for those quality networking events in the future rather than for me as a supplier have to come to you, the customer, just to show my respect.x5Wesmc


We have proven companies can work when everyone is in the office. We also have proven now for more than a year that we can work when no one is in the office. I do not know yet how it will be when some of us are in the office. So will that be social pressure, peer pressure? You have the inner circle in the office and the satellites somewhere away.x5Wesmc

我们已经证明,当每个人都在办公室时,公司可以运行。一年来,我们也已经证明,当没有人在办公室时,我们也可以工作。我还不知道我们中的部分人在办公室时会怎么样。那么, 这将是社交压力,同僚的压力吗?你有办公室的小圈子和外部社交。x5Wesmc

We definitely need to define hygienic rules. What is our common day in the office for me and my direct team? Because otherwise I can avoid my employees or my employees can avoid me. They’re there Monday and Tuesday; I’m there Thursday and Friday. So we never see each other. Of course we need to work on these additional ground rules. Hygienic rules for hybrid workplaces.x5Wesmc


BRIAN SANTO: That was NXP CTO Lars Reger with EE Times Global editor Junko Yoshida. Junko distilled Reger’s advice for an article that you can find on our web site. The headline is, “NXP Drafts Pandemic-Based ‘Five Commandments’.” There’s a link directly to the story on this podcast web page. Otherwise, you can search for it at www.eetimes.com.x5Wesmc

BRIAN SANTO:以上是恩智浦CTO Lars Reger与EETimes全球总编辑Junko Yoshida。Junko提炼了Reger的建议,你可以在我们的网站上找到一篇文章。标题是NXP Drafts Pandemic-Based ‘Five Commandments '(恩智浦起草的基于疫情的'五条戒律‘)。x5Wesmc



Junko Yoshida
ASPENCORE全球联席总编辑,首席国际特派记者。曾任把口记者(beat reporter)和EE Times主编的Junko Yoshida现在把更多时间用来报道全球电子行业,尤其关注中国。 她的关注重点一直是新兴技术和商业模式,新一代消费电子产品往往诞生于此。 她现在正在增加对中国半导体制造商的报道,撰写关于晶圆厂和无晶圆厂制造商的规划。 此外,她还为EE Times的Designlines栏目提供汽车、物联网和无线/网络服务相关内容。 自1990年以来,她一直在为EE Times提供内容。
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